WOMEN IN TECH TEXAS - Tech Resilience

Set your path to secure and sustainable tech infrastructure

Benchmark your tech stack against the latest industry trends and learn across sectors how businesses are optimizing their IT efficiency. In this track, speakers will utilise their experience in areas like migrating to microservices architecture to adopting and scaling technology pilot projects to help you transform the digital experience and tackle pain point areas such as combatting sophisticated hackers and latency issues plus so much more!

Topics Include:

Cyber Preparedness

Explore the latest security trends and discover how prepared your tech stack to protecting your customers' and organizational data from the most sophisticated hackers.

Tech Adoption and Scalability

Learn how to adopt and migrate to new technology services with strategic execution and overcome being frozen at pilot project stage.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Address your carbon footprint in the race to net-zero - your tech infrastructure doesn't need to cost the earth.

Speakers Include: