WOMEN IN TECH TEXAS - Career Resilience

Take charge of your career

Set your path to career fulfilment and learn from inspirational women in technology who have overcome the challenges and hurdles of working in male-dominated cultures. This track has been designed to give you the toolkit to success in your career from how to navigate a career transition, to defining your personal impact as a woman in tech, to establishing your unique leadership style. You can also join technical skills-based sessions where you can learn about the technologies and programmes impacting your role and how you can become a skilled professional to work with them.

Topics Include:

Authentic Leadership

Learn how to lead with authenticity, empathy and vulnerability to create psychological safety in your teams.

Skills Evolution

Invest time in learning what skills are required to be equipped with the challenges of an ever-changing world and how you can upskill.

Personal Impact

Develop career-defining skills and establish your own personal journey on how you can create a more equitable world for future generations.

Speakers Include: