WOMEN IN TECH TEXAS - Business Resilience

Drive the future of your business with human-centered transformation

How equipped is your team to deal with the unexpected? Business interruption may not be completely unavoidable, but how your team and organisation prepares and responds can help to mitigate the incredibly costly effects. Join our expert leaders in this track to gain insight into their strategies into ensuring business continuity and how to empower your workforce throughout the process. Centering the human experience in business resilience will not only ensure that your team is fully equipped to act during uncertain times, but also provide greater understanding into new product and services development helping you to exceed customer expectations.

Topics Include:

Empowered Workforce

Shape and lead a new distributed dynamic workforce that feel proficient in tackling the unexpected challenges that come their way.

Product Innovation

Create your roadmap to new product development and deployment that unifies your organizational vision with your customers' needs.

Customer Centricity

Discover new methods to customer engagement and how digital technology is being utilized to enrich the customer experience.

Speakers Include: