The decisions we make today can greatly change our future for good and provide equitable solutions to some of society's biggest challenges.

Sessions in the Future Impact track will help you to meet at the intersection of technology, leadership and strategy to create a roadmap for the future.

Topics Include

Leading Through Complexity

The challenges that leaders face today are many and varied, and often leaders may feel like it's outside of their control. However, true leadership asks them to enable their resilience in order to be a beacon of hope for employees during these trying times. In these sessions we'll showcase examples of leaders driving strategy, change and transformation in complex environments.

Green Transition

Organizations are on a transformational journey to address their impact on the environment and are utilizing technology to unlock opportunities to cut carbon emissions and minimize footprints. In the Future Impact stage, we'll take a look at sustainability in tech and the opportunities for women to build their career in sustainability by investing in green skills.

Inclusive Tech by Design

With the development of new digital worlds and new services being launched, how can the industry ensure that many of the real-world inequalities don't seep into the digital? In these sessions, we'll be exploring how leaders are building tech with inclusivity and accessibility at the forefront to ensure safe and equitible access.

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